B2B Smart Sales Solutions

Pragmattica provides hyper customized and focused marketing solutions that directly support your sales efforts.

Media has become an invaluable asset for B2B marketing. By developing a dynamic media strategy, your business will start communicating with your customers at the pace that the digital age requires. Our media strategies combine content creation, paid media and lead nurturing to establish a user experience that results in revenue growth.

Pragmattica’s niche speciality is in B2B Marketing & Monetization Strategies for Digitally Led Organizations.

Do you relate to any of these scenarios?

B2B Smart Sales Solution

Our B2B Smart Sales Solution is a key-account marketing tool that will benefit your sales teams from using these comprehensive insights to better communicate with prospect customers, leading to greater conversion and shorter sales cycles. Our direct sales playbooks include specific strategies to connect and build rapport with your key client prospects.

Smart Sales Prospect Profile

Includes DISC personality profile with comprehensive advice on how to conduct sales pitch, demo a product, schedule a meeting, email, how to call, negotiate, follow up, close a deal and personality charts.

Premium Intelligence

Includes all of the above and media channel recommendations.

Group Sales Prospect Playbook

Includes all of the above for up to 4 profiles to understand the dynamics at play when selling to 4 major stakeholders with different personalities (CFO, CEO, Director, Head of Dept etc.)

Retainer / Subscription Model

You’ve found our smart sales prospect profiles and playbooks so useful you’d like more, and for your entire team to make use of. Speak to us about an ongoing subscription at a competitive price.

Full Comprehensive Solution & Service

Speak to us about corporate company package deals. We develop sales and marketing strategies that differentiates from other forms of marketing in that it recognizes the long-term value of customer relationships and extends communication beyond intrusive advertising and ineffective sales promotional messages.

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