Companies today who disengage the power and potential of digital strategy from their plans to increase profit and revenue, acquire new customers, and grow their share of opportunities with existing customers, are a bit like a tight-rope walker without a net. Well sure, they may well get to the other side with intense effort, but one slight step could be a catastrophe.

I have spent the last three weeks immersing myself in the new landscape of my (l)earning. Research, reading and conversation with passionate digital entrepreneurs, skilled and experienced industry legends, and commentators,  have highlighted to me five key drivers when working towards monetising your products and services in this increasingly digital world.

And no, it’s definitely not only about social media, but yes, it does have its place in the greater scheme of things.

Consider making a few new moves in some of these priorities that could well deliver the results you are looking for:

Re-invent Business Models. Take the opportunity to create new digital products and services, anchor new customers and introduce new revenue models.

Re-design Customer Experience. Make sure that the user experience across all channels (both on- and offline), is enhanced and consistent.

Re-calibrate Online Sales and Marketing. Optimise sales channels and personalise marketing solutions.

Re-enforce Digital Sales Opportunities. Use digital sales tools and data to support sales teams and channes, making them most effective and efficient.

Re-activate Data-Driven Pricing Strategy. Base pricing decision on data, machine-learning, insights, and algorithm software.