Amanda Louw Bester, Founder of Pragmattica is excited to welcome Geanné Gelderblom to the team as Digital Project Manager, a role she is determined to define and deliver with impact. She will be working very closely with the Founder and CEO, who in turn will increase her focus on business development and strategic client solutions. “I’m so pleased to have Geanné join the Pragmattica family,” Amanda said. “Our client portfolio has grown at a steady pace and being a consulting firm specializing in monetization and marketing strategies, we’ve been busy developing a myriad of added services to further grow our portfolio. Her experience in project delivery, wide business exposure and excitement about joining our company makes her the ideal person to build on the success of the business and add value to its growth strategy.”

Geanné has enjoyed a career filled with highlights and achievements in different industries, economies and occupations and she will bring with her corporate, entrepreneurial, and diverse life experiences as she takes charge of managing projects, driving results and return to stakeholders. This will ensure that Pragmattica remains the leading strategic consulting firm for digitally led B2B businesses.

Pragmattica’s Expanding Business

The appointment follows Amanda’s decision to scale up Pragmattica’s execution and delivery resources, as more than 90% of the business is generated through client and peer referrals resulting from her relentless pursuit of providing bespoke services to her clients. When Amanda founded the business in 2018, the focus was on a specific niche market of ad-tech and programmatic advertising for digital media companies. Since then, Pragmattica’s client portfolio has spanned across borders and now also provides custom workshops for start-ups and enterprise organizations. “Our consulting services have expanded to research, evaluations, strategies, facilitation of project management related to commercial monetization, marketing, and go-to-market strategies. Our network of resources, partnerships and referrals continue to grow. Having Geanné on board will aide us in this endeavor.” said Amanda.

Prior to joining Pragmattica, Geanné collected more than 22 years’ business experience with a focus on developing and managing business operations, strategic projects and client portfolios. She was instrumental to the success of the innovation programme of one of SA’s largest banks and met Amanda through her work as an ambassador for Future Females. “I am passionate about providing value to stakeholders, innovation and transformative management. To be part of a company that promises ‘Practical Intelligence’ that is not only scalable locally but internationally, is hugely exciting for me and to have a young, dynamic, female pioneer in the industry as my influence and principle is an absolute win.” said Geanné. 

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Pragmattica is an agile, specialist consulting firm, using practical and results driven methodologies. Pragmattica actively participates in the process from start to finish, empowering our clients to implement the strategies that will support their businesses in navigating the digital media landscape to increase revenues and media performance. We achieve this by providing a combination of consulting services and highly customized workshops.

 ‘We don’t leave our clients with an overwhelming report and a large bill. We work with our clients, empowering them to implement the strategies, to make progress and deliver tangible results.’

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